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An Invite-Only Immersive Dining Experience

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No phones — Absolutely no recording or photos permitted — Alter egos preferred


This New Year's Eve, you have the chance to attend a mysterious night away. A world where, for a night, you get to be anyone you want. When is the last time you let unexplored facets of yourself come out to play? When is the last time you attended an event specifically designed to coax out parts of your being that you’ve never experienced?

A small, hand-selected group of artists, thought leaders, business creators, and culture shapers will be swept away in the magic of a world unknown — never to be spoken of again.

This intimate gathering is shrouded in secrecy, intrigue, and uncertainty. You won’t know what, or who, is waiting for you around the next doorway.

Take a glimpse beyond the limits of society, and uncover the secrets behind the walls. Do not expect anything ordinary.

Ask yourself… who will you be on the other side?


A sneak peek into last year’s New Year’s Eve experience…

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Location: We’ll ring in the new year within 15 minutes of downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The specific time and location of the experience is top secret until we unveil it to you. If accepted, you will always have enough information to know what your next steps are, even if that is simply “wait for our word.”

Required Dress: Formal attire.

Tickets: $1000

NOTE: If you are accepted, you may bring one plus-one guest at an additional cost of $1,000 (i.e., two people = $2,000)

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My friends and I said it was the most memorable event of our lives. It was like being in an art gallery that came to life around us, masterfully manifested in the decor, venue, performer personas, and perhaps most delightfully in the unexpected minutiae of it all. They say money is most wisely spent on experiences. There is none better than Secret SLC.
— Dave Bateman, CEO Entrata
Secret SLC is like Summit Series meets Great Gatsby. Absolutely captivating.
— Rachel Hofstetter, CMO Chatbooks, Former Editor Oprah Magazine
The best parties in Salt Lake City — the list you want to be on!
— Allison Croghan, Fox13 News Anchor
A night of surprising, perfectly executed details surrounded by the best people this city has to offer? I wouldn’t miss it for anything.
— Brittany Shimmin, Founder & CEO Vive Juicery
Each Secret SLC event has been carefully executed as an amazing and impressive Vegas or New York caliber experience. What a great social addition for those that love our amazing city but miss occasional big city nightlife. If you’re entertaining for business or pleasure these events are exactly what Utah has been craving!
— Ken Davis, CEO TaskEasy
Secret SLC is a hidden gem of an experience - like going back in time and into the future all at once! A not to be missed cultural immersion in SLC that rivals similar cool kid vibes from Brooklyn to DTLA.
— Courtney Myers, Global Community Director, Summit Series
Secret SLC has mastered the art of choreographing strangers and environments. They understand completely the importance of storytelling & narrative. It’s a voyeur’s delight, with all the wild pleasures that entails.
— Renya Nelson, Founder & CEO BrandAid
I’ve attended multiple Secret SLC events and have always had an incredible time. These are my favorite experiences in Utah, I can’t recommend them enough.
— Stephany Alexander, Ballet West Board of Directors
Secret SLC is so much more than your average networking event. From entrepreneurs to psychics, you’re guaranteed to meet interesting people from all ages and walks of life. You’ll make lasting connections and have an unforgettable time.
— Lance Allred, First Deaf Player in NBA History & Best-Selling Author
Secret SLC is the most authentic and exciting event in Utah. Be prepared to have a night you won’t forget. The Secret SLC community merges the best and brightest of SLC to an action packed night.
— Amanda MacNaughton, VP Marketing, Deluxe Corp & Co-Founder, PromoJam
Secret SLC is a fun and valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded peers in my community. I’ll attend every future Secret SLC event that I’m invited to.
— Dallas Hartwig, Best-Selling Author & Health Educator

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